Worst clothes 2013: My least favourite buys of the year

What was I thinking?

Shoppers’ remorse.  Just because I am a personal stylist doesn’t mean I don’t experience it sometimes.  I may have a lot of practice shopping for others (and myself), but I don’t get it right 100% of the time.  I figure shopping is a metaphor for life.  If you don’t make any mistakes, you probably aren’t pushing yourself enough to try something new.  And life is all about evolving, improving and growing.

Here are five things that I wished I hadn’t bothered to bring home.  They are not seriously bad (OK. Maybe the shoes are a bust), but they don’t justify the space they occupy in my wardrobe.  That said, each item represents a lesson in decision making.

Navy Jacket and Bomber Jacket

I bought both these items in the same place whilst I was in a down mood.  The lesson here is not to buy stuff in a pop-up shop where the fitting rooms are miniscule, the lighting atrocious and the mirrors wonky.  I don’t know what possessed me with this navy jacket.  Maybe I liked the bit of leather piping.  Have not worn this at all.  Sleeves need to be shortened and the neckline is not the most flattering.  It’s going to Dress for Success in January.

Whilst I like the bomber jacket (trendy last spring) and have worn it a couple of times, I have to remind myself it’s there and force myself to wear it.  I normally gravitate to a navy silk boyfriend jacket first.  Remember The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns…each additional jacket provides less use and satisfaction.

Veronika Maine Dress

I have always worn sheath dresses for work.  This was my breakout.  I wanted to try a different shape and this fit-and-flare dress with the zipper running down it was an interesting combo of edgy and feminine.   I have only worn it twice, both times in winter with a white shirt underneath.  Whilst I like the dress, I sweat under pressure (like when I speak in public), so I do not feel confident wearing this au naturel wondering if my pit marks are showing.   Next time  when buying sleeveless stuff, remember laundry practicalities.

Gold Lurex Top

I am magpie and will make a beeline for absolutely anything with sequins and metallic thread.  I was looking for a longer sweater to wear with my winter leggings and saw this.  I immediately thought of Jennifer Beal, Flashdance and one sexy shoulder. It didn’t work out.  Lurex is way too scratchy on my skin and this was shapeless. I’ve worn it a couple of times underneath a structured jacket, which has saved it (I like the navy and gold combo).  But this will go into the donate bag.  I don’t need strangers asking me when the baby is due.

Neon Shoes

In 2014, I resolve not to buy shoes online.  These look great and are in the right size, but are just not comfortable.  I’ve tried breaking them in by doing housework in them whilst wearing my husband’s sports socks. Even though they’re suede, they’re still rock hard and they pinch. These go to the back of my wardrobe where I hide my 30-minute shoes. You live and you learn.  Comfort trumps looks especially when it comes to shoes.

On the flip slide, here are my 2013 shopping successes.