Winter Wardrobe Update 2014

It’s difficult to think about autumn/winter fashion when you’re in a bikini and enjoying a beach BBQ. But fashion moves on and as shops put away their sales signs, you’ll begin to see new shapes and colours being introduced. So here’s my quick winter wardrobe update 2014.

Here are my five picks of what I think we’ll see a lot of in the next few months.  The good news is that many of these “new trends” are a continuation of what was popular last winter, which means you get to wear them again or upgrade last winter’s favourite pieces this time around.  Many of you know how picky (and frugal) a shopper I am so you know I am not suggesting you go out and buy five new pieces (unless you want to).   Rather  I recommend you dust off your existing pieces and look at them in a new way.   Pay attention to how they are combined in shop windows or  magazines and then use what you have.

Australia Winter 2014 Menswear Vibe

The Downton Abbey Influence? Classic checks and tartans are in.

1.Tartan, Houndstooth and Tweed

After consuming Season 4 of  Downton Abbey in one sitting, I am pleased to report that looking like you just came back from a weekend in the English countryside will be in.  Pick a classic print that you like – houndstooth, Prince of Wales, tweed, check or tartan – in colour or the traditional black/white/grey and you’ll be set for work and the weekend.

Remember to pick a print scale that makes sense with your frame.  Overly large prints will draw attention so  check that your checks flatter.

2.  Leather

I used to think only pimps and go-go dancers wore leather clothes,  but I’ve changed my mind and leather continues to rule.  A beautifully cut skirt, jacket or pair of pants in a neutral colour is classic and versatile.  You can wear it casually with an oversized jumper or dress it up with a silk shirt or some sequins to rock the edgy feminine vibe.

Whether you opt for real or vegan leather, choose something that is lined.  I learned the hard way how uncomfortably sticky and hot unlined leather clothes can be. A lining also keeps them cleaner for longer between dry cleaner visits.

Winter wardrobe update 2014 Leather

Buttery soft leather looks and feels good

3.  Luxe Sweats

I am personally on the fence on this one.  I’m not yet convinced that a crew-neck, boxy cut sweatshirt is flattering for most women, but I am attracted to the minimalist look.  I think it’s interesting to take the comfy sweatshirt that you’d only wear pigging out on ice-cream in front of the tv and jazz it up in luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere or neoprene.

To pull these sweats off, you’d have to pair them with something fitted to show off  your legs.  I’m itching to try the sweater with a pencil skirt look.

Winter Wardrobe update 2014 Leather

Add some sporty minimalism with a sweatshirt

4.  Jewel Toned Coats

I know living in Sydney,  it doesn’t make sense to invest in too many coats.  But if I were in the market for a new one (or if I lived in Melbourne), I’d buy a coat in a rich colour – burgundy, wine, teal, turquoise, purple or Pantone’s colour of the year – orchid (cross between purple and pink).  There are many pros to wearing a bright coloured coat:  you feel energised and you pep others up, especially commuting in those grey mornings/afternoons.  When you sport a bright coat, you don’t need any flashy accessories.  You’re done and out the door.

Winter Wardrobe Update 2014 Coats

Brighten up winter with a bright coat

5.  Jungle Prints

This is nothing new.  You probably own at least one piece of animal print already in your wardrobe.  This winter, we’ll see a lot of it around – leopard (perfect for the warmer-toned), zebra (for the cooler-toned among us) and python/snake in neutrals or brights. I love the sheen that snake print leather accessories give an outfit.   If you want your animal prints to be timeless, opt for the classic, neutral colour combinations.  A neon yellow zebra print will definitely add interest, but it will also date.

Winter Wardrobe Update 2014 Leather

Add some excitement with jungle prints

Remember just one piece of a trend is sufficient to look updated and fresh overall. And  if you’re not comfortable wearing the trend in clothes, you can also interpret it as jewellery, a pair of shoes or just a scarf.

So what are you going to try this winter?