How to Look and Feel Powerfully Confident when Returning to Work
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    What people think when they meet you for the first time and why your work outfits really matter.
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    The 5 most common reasons why women lose their sense of style AND confidence when they return to the work after a career break.
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    3 things NOT to do when you redefine your office style.  Avoid these and you'll save yourself time, money and headaches. 
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    A proven, step-by-step approach to define your professional style so look and feel the best version of yourself at work.
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    FREE BONUS ONLY IF YOU SIGN UP NOW:  Get an extract from my book Authentic Style: A Practical Guide To Loving How You Look Every Day.

Hi.  I'm Sharon Billingham.  I'm  a Sydney-based personal stylist and coach.  I am also a wife, mother, corporate human resources professional, aspiring artist and collector of vintage brooches.

I work with women on the cusp of major change – getting a new job or starting their own business or returning to work after a career break.  No matter the reason for the change, they want to mark it with a new “look” that matches how they see themselves.  I help them achieve this through the Coach Me Beautiful style coaching program.

I hope you enjoy this webinar.

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