Wear a chunky knit with style not chunk

As it gets colder, it’s lovely to wrap yourself up in soft, cuddly chunky knits. They’re all the rage at the moment  and you can find them in a variety of shapes and lengths.  You don’t have to sacrifice your shape when you wear a chunky knit.  There are ways to enjoy the softness of a knit AND look stylish in the silhoutte you cut.  This video shows you how.

Tip 1 Balance your proportion

Or in my book I call it the Law of Opposites and Contrasts.  If you wear a chunky knit that hides the outline of your torso, balance it out by accentuating your legs in narrow pants like straight or skinny jeans, leggings or tights.  For every part of your body that you hide, I suggest showing off another part. Use a belt. Or notice in the video, how I scrunch up my sleeves to show of a bit of arm, which is narrower (by comparison) to the chunky knit.  Allow the knit to shine by highlighting all the other narrow parts of your body.

Tip 2   Use art as your inspiration – the 1/3 rule

Beauty and balance is found when objects are slightly of kilter and not divided into symmetrical halves.  Have a look at leaves and flowers or “art”.  Instead of wearing a longer knit that divides you into two halves, it is more pleasing to wear garment lengths that divide you into thirds.  I explain this in the video.  Wear a cropped knit and bottoms that create a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio or flip it and wear a longer knit on top that creates a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio.

Tip 3 Choose knit colours and finishings carefully

Bright and light colours do make you look bigger, especially when combined with knobbly, intricate knit designs.  You can wear a chunky knit for years to come if you select it in a darker colour.  Be careful of metallic and sequinned finishes thought.  They reflect light and will make you look bigger.  If you like the thought of wearing chunky knits, but are concerned about how they flatter your shape, choose finer knit gauges.  They have more structure and will skim your body without hanging off it

Enjoy experimenting with wearing knits this season.  I’m off to join a knitting club (they call them knit and b***h sessions) to create my own chunky knit.