Wardrobe Rejuvenation

Have you ever felt frustrated or confused by the state of your wardrobe?  Is it cluttered with clothes you no longer wear?  Or filled with items you wish you’d wear more often but don’t know how?

Our wardrobes represent our dreams and fantasies. They also represent a big investment in time and money.  Wouldn’t you want to get more out of your clothes?

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be an an overwhelming task.  Not only is it hard to find the time, the process can be emotionally draining.  I can help you create the wardrobe of your dreams containing items you love and wear often.  I can show you how to mix and accessorise so you get more options from what you already own.  I will help you streamline and organise your clothes so you can get dressed quickly.  And have fun matching your outfits to your mood.

If you like the sound of this, get ready for the best half day of your life.

Step 1 Style assessment

We’ll have a chat on the phone to understand your key challenges and your expectations.  I’ll also ask you to complete a quick questionnaire so I have some insight into your personality and style.

Step 2 Body analysis and wardrobe edit

I’ll come to your home and we’ll have another chat about you, your lifestyle and your budget. This will give us a clearer sense of the image you want to project in your outfits.    I’ll analyse your shape, proportion and colours so you know how to accentuate your assets then we’ll get to work.  I’ll help you decide what to keep, pass on, remodel or repair.  If it takes you hours to try on everything you’re not sure of, so be it.  I’ll also take away your unwanted items if you want and give them to a good cause.  You will immediately feel relieved, liberated and excited.  Then we’ll get to the fun part.

Step 3 Remixing

I’ll show you how to create outfits from what you already own.  The key to having your own style is to unleash your creativity and to understand how to mix and match.  Plus you’ll get photos to remind you of your best outfits so you’ll always have something to wear.  Time permitting, we’ll organise the storage and care of your clothes and accessories. (The trick to wearing everything is to see what you have!)

Step 4 Shopping preparation

If you do need to buy clothes, we’ll create and prioritise a shopping list. And to make it really easy for you,  I’ll recommend items from local retailers who fit your style and budget.  I’ll leave you with your wardrobe checklist and all the session notes, so you’ll remember everything that you’ve learned on the day and will feel confident in making new choices about your clothes.

Step 5 Follow up phone consultation

Your experience doesn’t stop after I leave.  I know from first-hand experience that it takes time to get used to your new style and to get comfortable with how you look.  That’s why I call to see how you’re feeling with your change and if there is anything you need me to review.

A tailored approach just right for you

For more information on how you might get started, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.  We can talk more about why you’d like a change and agree on the best step forward.




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