Uniqlo for the whole family

Sydney Wardrobe Consultant

Uniqlo classics you can mix and match

Shop for the whole family at Uniqlo

If the only way you get to do any shopping is with partner and/or children in tow, there is one shop that will satisfy everyone’s clothing needs -Uniqlo.  Although you may not be in the market for winter basics right now, you’ll want to remember the name Uniqlo. On a recent US trip, we happily kitted out the whole family’s winter wardrobe for less than USD $600.The good news is that Uniqlo’s first Australian shop opened in Melbourne CBD this week.

Sydney Personal Stylist

Heattech inner wear feels like second skin

I’m betting Uniqlo will give many fast fashion brands a run for their money. Judging by the crowds I saw on our three visits in the NYC, I think Uniqlo will eventually put brands like The Gap out of business because it offers much better quality, range and value. I mean, who can say no to a 100% cashmere jumper for USD$79 (on sale for USD $59)?

Quality basics you style to match your age and lifestyle

Enter a Uniqlo shop and your senses will go into overload. Mannequins are layered in brightly coloured clothing and the walls are merchandised with pre-packaged basics. There seems to be so much on offer, but take a closer look and you’ll find that the same basic items are styled differently depending on the age, gender and lifestyle of the wearer.

The Uniqlo range is made up of seven key collections – denim, Supima cotton, silk, cashmere, merino wool, Ultralight down and Uniqlo’s inner wear line called Heattech. It also has a range of accessories, sleepwear and underwear. *

Stock up on winter thermals

I tested out the Heattech range to see how it compared with my old merino wool thermals. According to the label, Heattech, which is synthetic but infused with camellia oil, turns body moisture into heat and manages odours. I’m no expert on technical ski gear, but it works. Heattech feels silky and soft. At minus 12C on the US ski slopes, it kept me warm and dry. It also passed the armpit test too. Needless to say I binned the old thermals and stocked up on Heattech tops and leggings at USD $13 a pop.

Sydney Personal Fashion Stylist

Ultra light, fitted down jackets

The other winner for the whole family is Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down jackets. I’ve never liked down jackets because they make me look like a blimp. Not so for these Uniqlo ones. They’re light, very warm and the longer versions are well-tailored. Mine will become a travelling staple as it scrunches up into its 10cm-pouch and easily fits into a hand-carry.

Bottom line: If you are very picky on how clothing feels on your skin, you’ll like Uniqlo. Everything is light, soft and compact. And stays that way even after several washes in a laundromat.

P.S.  I paid for all my Uniqlo merchandise and this review was not sponsored by Uniqlo (but  I wouldn’t say no to an offer!)  Check out this related post that discusses how you can look rich on a limited shopping budget when you wear classic, no-logo pieces.

* Ranges may vary in Melbourne store