Shopping sales: How to shop savvy

shopping sales tips to save moneyDoes your pulse race with excitement and anticipation when you see SALE signs plastered to the window of your favourite shop?  You can nab hidden gems during the sales if you take a moment to think through some key questions before you hand over your credit card.

Here are 7 tips to help you take full advantage of shopping sales.  The only way to really save money is to make sure you’re adding good quality, flattering items to your wardrobe that you will treasure and wear for a long time.

1. Know what’s in your wardrobe.  What are the handful of items you wear all the time?  Chances are if you see something new that complements or replaces a worn favourite, you’ll wear it all the time.

2. Know your core colours.  Add new items based on how they coordinate with the colours you wear most often.  This gives you versatility when mixing and matching.

3.  Have a list and be as specific as you dare.  Instead of just writing down “pants” say “plain, dark pants in a narrow cut that would be suitable for casual Friday”.  The more specific you are, the more your RAS will pick up on your needs.

4.  Dress appropriately to go shopping.  Wear decent clothes that are easy to take off.  Put on a bit of make up.  Wear seamless underwear.  Why?  Because you’ll be evaluating yourself in the mirror so you need to feel confident in what you see.  Even better, take shoes or whatever props you need to help you make decisions that what you’re buying will work with what you own.

5.  Set yourself a time limit. With all the stimuli, excitement and anticipation, shopping can be tiring (especially if you’re not having any luck). If you don’t find anything suitable in the first 60 minutes, take a break, get a drink and reassess.  We become susceptible to bad decisions when we’re tired, fed up or confused.  That’s when you’re most likely to buy something that you may regret, just to get a sense of achieving something for your time.

6.  Walk around the whole shop to orientate yourself.  Even though you’re focused on sale items, have a look at the new stock.  This gives you perspective.  Would you rather spend $100 on sale items just because you’re in the mood to buy or invest $100 in a full priced item that you love?

7.  Try on items in different sizes.  There is little consistency in labelling so grab the size you think you are and sizes on either side.  Remember you care about fit, not labels.  Look at yourself when you trying on the item in a full-length mirror from the front, sides and back. You can read this for more details on judging fit.  Many of us tend to buy things that are a touch too big.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll choose wisely to create a wardrobe filled with items you’ll wear with love time and again.  Enjoy the sales.