Learn from your shopping mistakes

North Shore Times 17/10/2013

Spring’s here and it’s the perfect time to clear out and organise your wardrobe. But before you give away the clothes you don’t wear, take a moment to think about why you don’t wear them.  You can learn so much from your shopping mistakes.  Every item you pass on gives you a valuable lesson.  All you need is to tune in.

What if you could figure out why you love wearing some items and not others?  Knowing this would help you wear more of what you own and save you money buying stuff you’ll never wear.

Here are some questions to help you pinpoint why you don’t (or won’t) wear a particular piece:

Learn from your shopping mistakes

Does it fit properly?
Do the colour and design flatter you?
Do you like the texture and fabric?
Have you got the right underwear for it?
Have you got something to wear with it?
Do you have the occasion to wear it?

Ask yourself these questions for every piece your chuck out and you’ll start to see a trend emerge.

Here’s a recent article in North Shore Times that describes how I help my clients learn from their shopping mistakes.