Love everything in your wardrobe

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How do you feel when you open up your wardrobe each day?  Do you like the clothes and accessories you see inside?  Does each piece give you a positive vibe, maybe reminding you of when you bought it or the last time your wore it?

The emotional roller coaster of getting dressed

I had a love-hate relationship with my (rather full) wardrobe.  I used to open it with anticipation thinking, “What do I feel like wearing today?”  It wasn’t like I didn’t have plenty of choices. After trying on a few things, I’d give up and go back to something predictable.  Then I’d spend the day thinking I could have done better and it was time to do a wardrobe edit.

Clothes represent a huge emotional and financial investment for many of us. First there’s the money we spend on buying clothes.  Then there’s the time spent in the acquisition process either in a shop or online.  Finally, there’s a lot of emotional energy in making that ultimate decision – should I/shouldn’t I? For me at least, it didn’t stop there.  If I bought an item, I’d spend energy mulling over whether it was worth it and what I’d wear it with.  If I didn’t buy it, I’d regret it and then have to backtrack to the shop by which time it was no longer available. Shopping consumed a lot of mental capacity (at least for me).

Choose outfits to kick start your day

One day I woke up and decided this was ridiculous.  I enjoy dressing up and looking my best.  I even enjoy shopping, but neither of these activities are ends in themselves.  I get dressed each morning to take on the day and all that it has to offer.  Looking good is a great by-product.  It’s not the goal.

A small shift in mindset has changed my relationship with my wardrobe and my clothes. Over the last two years, I have consciously and deliberately curated my wardrobe.  Hand on heart, I truly love everything inside it now.  I know precisely what’s in my wardrobe, where I bought it and why.  I know how to make things go together.   I know I’ve invested in clothes that will last and give me much wear and joy for years to come.

How did I do this?  By imagining my clothes are my friends. I take a lot of care and time to select them.  I am well prepared and 100% conscious of all my shopping decisions.  I set high standards.  I only allow clothes that make me happy and look good into my closet. Once they’re part of my life, I wear them regularly and try not to play favourites.  I care for them lovingly (laundry, storage, repair).

Before you write me off as a friendless loony obsessed with clothes and external appearances, know this.  I start each morning raring to go and when I see my clothes, I get an additional boost of happy energy (like you might when you get a surprise phone call from a friend).  I know that I’ll be happy and impressive with whatever I decide to wear that day. There’s no more pressure or expectations.   And I think that’s a pretty nifty, uplifting way to start each day.

If you’d like to build the wardrobe of your dreams and experience similar empowering, positive feelings, here’s how I can help you.