What’s the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe?

It’s the scarf.   Not only is it practical (keeps you warm, hides stains, frames your face, conceals a double chin), it can add a degree of sophistication, style and colour to something as mundane as a t-shirt.  Imagine the options with just one scarf –  a headscarf, as a replacement for a pony-tail scrunchy, as a belt on jeans, to decorate your handbag, on your wrist as a colourful cuff.  Even with the obvious – around your neck – you can instantly change your look by changing the way you tie your scarf.  Now factor in different scarf shapes (my favourite is the long rectangle) and scarf fabrics, I bet you could wear the same clothes, change your scarf everyday and no-one would notice.  And with scarves at every price point,  you can afford to fill your closet with beautiful bits of fabric that will lift your look and your mood.