Searching for the ultimate gift for your partner, mother, daughter or girlfriend?  How about a transformative experience that she'll remember forever?  

Choose from two personalised options

Wardrobe Rejuvenation  

  • Does she have lots of clothes yet complains she has nothing to wear?
  • Has her body changed shape?
  • Is she celebrating a milestone? 

I'll come to your home and show her how to choose the most flattering clothes, colours and accessories to suit her lifestyle.  We'll clear out the clutter and organise her wardrobe. 

You'll see a new woman with  greater confidence in her body and her style.  


Personal Shop and Sort

  • Does she get frustrated whenever she goes clothes shopping?
  • Does she complain about being in a rut or routine?
  • Has she tried to update her look, but given up?
  • Is she going back to work after being on a career break?
  • Does she put everyone else's needs before her own? 
  • Has she lost the confidence that she used to have?

This is a three-part transformation.  I'll come to your home and do a total diagnostic to understand the issues blocking her style.  We'll work on defining the image she wants to project and then look through her wardrobe.

Part 2 is an accompanied shopping trip to buy clothes that she'll feel and look good in.

Part 3 is a follow up to review the progress she is making and to go deeper into her self-care and maintenance routine.

Over a few short weeks, you may not recognise the woman you see before you.  Not only will she dress in a way authentic to her personality, she'll be brimming with energy, joy and positivity. 



Please contact me via this form if you'd like to proceed  with payment or  ask any questions.   This gift is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

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