How to fit jeans without trying them on

In the market for new jeans, but dread trying on fifty pairs to find a pair that fits right?   Here’s a very cool tip to fit jeans without trying them on.  This trick will  save you time and keep you sane when shopping for jeans.  When you find a pair and want to know if it’s worthwhile trying it on properly in the dressing room, do this quick test.

For some magical reason, our waist measurements are roughly the same as our neck measurements.  So wrap the waist band of the jeans around your neck, passing the band over the middle part of your neck (at the level of the Adam’s apple if we had one).  If the two ends of the waist band just meet,  the jeans will fit your waist.  If the waist band overlaps, the jeans will be too large for you.  If the band doesn’t meet, they’ll be too small so don’t bother trying them on.

I don’t know the scientific facts for this,  but it works for jeans, trousers, skirts..anything with a waist band.  Use it as a way of deciding what to take into the dressing room or even better, when you are reorganising your wardrobe for a new season.

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