How to determine fit in the dressing room

It’s sale season so there are plenty of good bargains out there.  When you’re in the dressing room trying on your pieces, it’s vital you find something that both fits and flatters you.  Let me tell you more about how to determine  fit.


Check for comfort and fit

Sometimes we over exaggerate the importance of how a garment looks and forget to consider how it feels. Trying on things “blind” trains you to appreciate what good fit, fabric and texture feel like on your body.

  • How does the garment feel on your skin?  Do you like the texture and the weight of the fabric?
  • Is it constricting or loose?
  • Can you move around in it?
  • Can you button it up without any pulling or creasing?

Check design suitability

Look at yourself in the mirror from all angles.  

  • What is your eye drawn to first?  A pattern? A colour?  A print  or an embellishment?
  • Are you comfortable with attention being drawn to this part of your body?
  • Where does the length of the item fall on your body?    It is most flattering to have  horizontal lines (hemlines) fall at the narrowest parts of your body.  This is not a deal breaker because sleeve lengths, pant and skirt hems can be tailored to fit.

Now take in the whole you.  Make eye contact with yourself.  Do you love it?  If the answer is yes and  you’re certain it fit and flatters you, wrap it up.  Have fun at the sales.

What are your dressing room tips to help you make the right decision with new purchases?  Share them with us below or write on our Facebook wall.

Thanks for reading.