Simplify your wardrobe. Simplify your life.

I stared at the Starbucks coffee menu for a full three minutes. I’d been determined to try something new, to prove to myself that I’m open and adventurous.  After letting four people jump ahead to order, I was still overwhelmed.  So I revert to my standard – regular skim flat white to go.

Too many choices is NOT good.  Not when it comes to coffee, jean cuts,  lipstick colors and  LBDs.  You might lament that you have nothing to wear in your closet.  The root of your problem is the exact opposite.  You have too many choices in your closet, which makes decision making grueling.  And who wants to make a tough decision at 6am?

And know that the solution is NOT to go shopping.  Blindly adding more items to your wardrobe is going to complicate things further.

Maybe what you need is more know-how. Learn what suits your body and your lifestyle. Reduce the options in your wardrobe.  Remove the clutter.  Build your outfit coordination skills.  Whittle your wardrobe into a lean machine that’s versatile and hard working. In my opinion, there’s a lot to those old clichés.  Quality over quantity.  Less is more.