How well do you speak fashion?

Colourways.  Skant.   Paillettes .*   Fashion has lots of jargon (meant I guess to separate the girls from the women).  Allow me to translate.  Every season, designers and magazines use (or make up) terms to describe what’s currently hip and happening.  If you strip away all the hype, you’ll recognise the following building blocks of a trend.  Think of these as the cake ingredients and the fashion trend as the cake.

Colour – neutrals (black, white, grey, navy, and every shade from brown to cream) or colours (from neon brights to soft pastels)

Contrast – high contrast pairings (black and white) or low contrast pairings (subtle, muted colour combinations or all one colour)

Silhouette –  fitted, tailored or soft and drapey, high or low hemlines, big or small shoulders, shoulders, wide or narrow lapels

Texture – heavy or light material, matt or shiny

Pattern – prints versus plain

As you flick through magazines, you see how trends like nautical, tribal, punk, folk,  techno, grunge and influences from any decade, are made up with different combination of these building blocks.  You can choose to copy a whole trend to be really current.  Or you can permanently adopt some of the building blocks to develop your very own, lasting signature style.

*Colorways – arrangement of colour   Skant – combo of a mini skirt and pants   Paillettes – big sequins