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Uniqlo classics you can mix and match

Shop for the whole family at Uniqlo

If the only way you get to do any shopping is with partner and/or children in tow, there is one shop that will satisfy everyone’s clothing needs -Uniqlo.  Although you may not be in the market for winter basics right now, you’ll want to remember the name Uniqlo. On a recent US trip, we happily kitted out the whole family’s winter wardrobe for less than USD $600.The good news is that Uniqlo’s first Australian shop opened in Melbourne CBD this week. [Read more…]

Styling Strategies 101 – how to dress it up and down

Ever been advised to buy clothes only if you can wear them at least 3 ways?  You nod sagely and then think, “How do I do that? How do I dress it up and down so I can wear it for formal or casual situations?”

It’s pretty simple once you under the basics which I call my 6Ss (acronyms….you can tell corporate training is in my blood).

Of course,  if you want to reserve play things for play time and work clothes for  a day in the office, that’s your preogative, BUT if you need your wardrobe to work as hard as you do, read this article that originally appeared in the online retailer, The Glossary Shop.

Have fun mixing it up and if you have any questions, just pop them into the box below and we’ll figure it out together.

PS. Did you realise that learning to mix, match, layer and accessorise is the most common reason ladies book me for a home consultation?  I offer it as part of Wardrobe Rejuvenation and Personal Sort and Shop experiences.  If you’re interested in learning how to SAVE money and use what you already own in new and creative ways, just drop me an email and we can talk more.


Host your own clothing swap party

host your clothing swap party

Photo via www. trashbackwards.com

A clothing swap party is a wonderful way to enjoy time with girlfriends and to experiment with new fashion styles without spending a cent. Hosting your own clothing swap party is easy.   Here are five ideas to ensure yours runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

1.  Timing

Consider hosting a clothing swap party at the end of a season.  A change in the temperature will encourage your friends to sift through their wardrobes and identify what they’d like to pass on. [Read more…]

Clothing Swap: interesting observations on human behaviour

Clothing swap is a great way to pass on your unwanted clothes.

I went to my first publically organised clothing swap  last Saturday in Surry Hills. Over 50 women (and a handful of men and children) had travelled through the cold and wet to wait patiently outside the library. We’d been told to come early to check in our donated clothes in exchange for buttons.  Each button entitled the bearer to take away a preloved item. It sounded like a fun way of passing on clothes I no longer wanted.  There was also a delicious possibility I’d find something different to try out.

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Wear a chunky knit with style not chunk

As it gets colder, it’s lovely to wrap yourself up in soft, cuddly chunky knits. They’re all the rage at the moment  and you can find them in a variety of shapes and lengths.  You don’t have to sacrifice your shape when you wear a chunky knit.  There are ways to enjoy the softness of a knit AND look stylish in the silhoutte you cut.  This video shows you how.

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Three tips to make your clothes more versatile

Well done.  You’ve cleaned out your wardrobe and freed yourself of unwanted clothes.  Feels good, doesn’t it? But before you rehang your clothes and think about shopping for new things, take a few moments to survey what’s left.  You really can achieve more with less.  Here are three tips to wear your favourites differently.

People generally associate wardrobe edits with springtime.  I believe autumn is just as suitable a time to get your wardrobe organised. Take advantage of sunny days to air out your winter coats, jumpers and boots.  Check everything smells fresh, is clean and ready for any sudden drop in temperatures.  Here are my suggestions to help you edit your wardrobe hassle-free.

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Let’s go shopping in your wardrobe.

What’s your first reaction when you think you’ve got nothing to wear? Go shopping at lunchtime, fingers crossed that you’ll see the one thing that will solve all your sartorial problems? Only to feel buyers’ remorse by the time you’re back at your desk?

Have you ever considered a more relaxed and potentially awesomely satisfying experience of shopping in your wardrobe?

I love showing ladies how to go through their wardrobes to recognise and use the clothes and accessories they already own.  You can create a whole range of outfits that you’ve never dreamed of before simply by playing in your wardrobe. This is great skill that will save money and teach you to appreciate what you have.  It’s also a delightful way to crank up those creative juices to assemble outfits that are unique to you.

All you need is bit of time, open-mindedess and the willingness to take some risks.

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The more you know, the less you need.

I came across this Aboriginal saying and it lays at the heart of one of the most common questions I get asked as a personal stylist, “How do you mix and match and look so pulled together?”

Simple.  You can get more outfits out of core items when you pick up a few pointers on mixing and matching.   This means you don’t need to go shopping so you save money.  It means you can go shopping in your wardrobe, which I think is much more fun and creatively challenging.

Here are some examples of mixing and matching using an old base piece I had (grey sleeveless tank dress in a jersey/cotton material).  I challenged myself to create outfits across seasons and occasions.  All I did was follow these guidelines.

Beach look

Casual Look

Getting dressier

  • Many of us have a tendency to buy single pieces that catch our eye.  I’m just as guilty.  I see a sequined top and I must have it.  Logic be damned.  Before you fork over your cash though, think about this.  How will this item be worn with the things you already have?  Can you wear it at least three ways?  Taking a moment to rationally think through your purchase actually saves you a headache later when you take it home and you can’t mix it with other things and you stash it away out of sight.  So think OUTFITS not ITEMS.

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How to do smart casual on weekends – a man’s dilemma

This is one of the most common questions I get with my male clients.  It seems that Monday to Friday dressing is a no brainer for many.  Everyone seems to be comfortable with their quasi-uniform – suit minus tie.  But what happens on the weekend when they go to a nice restaurant for dinner , catch a show, go out for drinks or get invited to the corporate sporting box?  What’s the fine line between overdressed and smart casual?

Here are a couple of tips

1.  Dark jeans – suitable for most occasions and men shapes.  The trick is to find the right cut.  If you’ve always worn something cut “regular”, don’t be scared to try on a pair that are have the word “skinny” in the label.  You need a pair that fits nicely around the hips and taper in a way that is flattering.

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How well do you speak fashion?

Colourways.  Skant.   Paillettes .*   Fashion has lots of jargon (meant I guess to separate the girls from the women).  Allow me to translate.  Every season, designers and magazines use (or make up) terms to describe what’s currently hip and happening.  If you strip away all the hype, you’ll recognise the following building blocks of a trend.  Think of these as the cake ingredients and the fashion trend as the cake.

Colour – neutrals (black, white, grey, navy, and every shade from brown to cream) or colours (from neon brights to soft pastels)

Contrast – high contrast pairings (black and white) or low contrast pairings (subtle, muted colour combinations or all one colour)

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