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Love everything in your wardrobe

How do you feel when you open up your wardrobe each day?  Do you like the clothes and accessories you see inside?  Does each piece give you a positive vibe, maybe reminding you of when you bought it or the last time your wore it? The emotional roller coaster of getting dressed I had a love-hate relationship with my (rather full) wardrobe.  I used to open it with anticipation thinking, “What do I feel like wearing today?”  It wasn’t like
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What’s behind the price tag?

I was sorting the laundry yesterday ready for a wash and for the first time I read the labels on my clothes.  Not just the care label but the composition label.  Until yesterday, I had no clue what my clothes were made out of.  Nor any inkling or appreciation of what had gone into the creation of a $12 Cotton On tank top (95% cotton, 5% spandex). I am no eco-warrior or green nazi.  Sometimes I cheat and don’t sort
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