Refresh your look with new glasses

Glasses are not only functional;  they're  often an overlooked accessory which when chosen well, frame your eyes and accentuate the structure and shape of your face. And now that I'm moving into a stage of life where I need multiple pairs, it's fun experimenting with shapes and colours.  But it's also overwhelming!

I recently tried on over 25 pairs of frames for my new prescription.  The optometrist tried her best to be helpful and the type of lenses I needed did narrow down my choices.  But at the end of the day, I ended up using comfort (despite my low bridge), colour and price to decide.

There's a lot of confusing information out there to help you choose the best frames. Here are my 3 tips:

Contrast the frame with your face shape.
Steam up the bathroom.  Look at your face in the mirror and trace the outline of your face in the steamed up mirror. The line you've drawn will correspond to one of 7 basic face shapes. Find a frame that is OPPOSITE to your face shape i.e. rectangular frames on a rounded face and vice versa.

Scale the frame size to your face.
Consider both the front length of the glasses (hinge to hinge) and the frame height (how wide the lenses are).  The frame needs to accommodate the width of your face and sit comfortably at the temples and on the bridge of your nose.

Match frame colour to your skin colouring.
If you know which colours flatter you the best (your skin tone has warm or cool undertones), choose a frame colour that echoes that i.e. if you are cool-based try blue, silver, grey.  If you are warm-based, try reds, horn or gold.  If it's all too confusing, match the frame colour to your hair or your eyes and you'll be on track.

New sunnies or specs are a great way to refresh your look. Happy hunting.  

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