Best clothes 2013: My favourite buys of the year

As 2013 draws to a close, I like to take stock of everything that has happened wardrobe-wise.  I find it educational to examine my year’s purchases to understand what were good buys and what were silly spends. This bit of sartorial reflection makes me appreciate my favourite pieces more.  It also teaches me what not to spend my money on so I can mentally resist the urge to splurge.

So here are my five most beloved wardrobe additions of the year.  They make it on to the list because they get worn at least once a week, are comfortable and make me feel invincible when I walk out the door.

Django and Juliette Sandals

I have worn these almost every day this summer.  They proudly join my “8-hour shoe” portfolio (meaning they are comfy enough for a whole day on my feet). Ankle-strap sandals were all the rage this season and this nude pair is my attempt to be trendy without sacrificing leg length.  These were a spontaneous buy.  I was supposedly doing research for a client.  I tried them on and their soft, padded soles captivated me.  Bought on sale $120.

Pushmataaha Earrings

The occupational hazard of being a personal shopper is buying stuff for myself when I am researching new boutiques. Sometimes I forget it is not all about me. Pushmataaha is a Paddington boutique that sells edgy jewellery.  I found this demure pair of earrings next to the till.  They can be worn without the onyx backing.  So it’s like buying two pairs of earrings for the price of one.  How can anyone walk away from shopping logic like that?

Metalicus Cardigan

I have long been a Metalicus fan and I wandered in one day after seeing their new range of colours in the window.  I fell in love with this cropped cardigan and bought it full price (about $80 I think).  This is my go-to upper arm cover-up.  It actually does keep me warm and scrunches into a handbag.

Preloved Leather Skirt

I like to pop into this shop whenever I’m in William Street especially at the beginning of a season.  Di Nuovo carries a wide range of local and overseas brand names so you’ll never know what you’ll find.  I was toying with the idea of a leather skirt last winter, but didn’t want to spend too much just in case I didn’t like the look. Buying this preloved one was a great compromise. It is cut just above the knee, is super soft and lined.   I have worn this regularly even on a summer night with bare legs.  Yes. I like wearing leather so am now on the lookout for leather pants.  Bought for $180.

Lovisa Choker

This year I began adding orange and neon accessories to my wardrobe. (I have retired red for a while).  I love the bold geometric pattern of this gold and yellow necklace.  I often wear it with navy, black and white and neutrals.  It’s all an accessory I need and gets many compliments.  Costume jewellery is an inexpensive way of adding colour to your wardrobe. This piece of sunshine cost $24.95.

This is a great little process and I recommend you give it go at the end of a year/season.  It doesn’t take long and gives you useful information about how your style is evolving and how you can buy smarter.

Bring on 2014.  Happy New Year everyone.

PS.  I’m not perfect when it comes to shopping, but am getting better with practice. Here are five things I wished I hadn’t bought this year.