Hello.  I'm Sharon Billingham

I' m a Sydney-based personal stylist and coach.  I am also a wife, mother, corporate human resources professional, aspiring artist and collector of vintage brooches. 

I know how it feels to want to look your best, but not know where to start or what to wear that will make you feel “right”. Amazing isn’t it? You may be successful in other areas of your life, but when you don’t know how to dress for the day, you feel frustrated, confused, dowdy, boring and uninspired.

Years ago, I was given a wardrobe edit as a gift. That’s when a stylist came to my home and we went through all my clothes.  I was thrilled with the experience because it gave me insight into myself.  I had a good eye for colour and texture, but I just didn’t have the right tools (clothes) or knowledge to project these aspects of myself to the world.

This is fixable and I know how exhilarating it is to know how to express the woman you are on the inside on the outside through your appearance and your outfits. And when you look good and feel confident, it sets you up to achieve amazing things in other aspects of your life.

I believe that when women love how they look in the mirror, they’re happy, powerful and inspirational to others. That’s why I love helping busy women dress authentically.

I have worked with many women on the cusp of major change – getting a new job or starting their own business or returning to work after a career break.  No matter the reason for the change, they want to mark it with a new “look” that matches how they see themselves.  And when they’ve achieved that, we sometimes continue to work together to channel this confidence and self-belief into their professional lives.

Here's what my clients say

I feel beautiful, stylish and energized. 

Sharon’s full of new ideas that will quickly revamp your wardrobe. Sharon’s programme isn’t just about specific outfits or the latest trends, it’s a set of enduring styling principles that will enable me to manage my wardrobe for many years to come. Thank you Sharon, I adore my new looks and your sessions have given me a new self confidence.



Overall it was a really great experience that I really enjoyed and learned from.

Sharon came to my home and went through my wardrobe with me.  We threw away a few things and she was able to use what I already had in my wardrobe to come up with new outfits I  would never have thought of.  Sharon helped me understand the colours that work for me and those that don’t. I found the home session really beneficial. I had a whole new wardrobe without adding a single item just by learning how to mix items together. We then had our shopping trip. Since that trip, I’ve been shopping by myself and tried new colours and styles that I would never had looked at previously.  Thanks Sharon.



The whole experience was extremely positive and fun!

Sharon has given me the tools to dress for my body shape and skin tone. We not only had a successful cull but I learned how to combine pieces that I already had into new looks.  After our session, Sharon sent me  styling hints on how to shop on an overseas trip.  That was so useful!



Authentic Style

Authentic Style:  A practical guide to loving how you look every day

There is a magical connection between how we women dress and how we feel. When we dress a way that makes us feel attractive and feminine, watch out. That’s when we feel the power, confidence and inspiration to achieve incredible things.

I know this to be true for myself and for my clients. I wrote Authentic Style because I want to help all women live big every single day by loving and accepting how they look.


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