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Styling Strategies 101 – how to dress it up and down

Ever been advised to buy clothes only if you can wear them at least 3 ways?  You nod sagely and then think, “How do I do that? How do I dress it up and down so I can wear it for formal or casual situations?” It’s pretty simple once you under the basics which I call my 6Ss (acronyms….you can tell corporate training is in my blood). Of course,  if you want to reserve play things for play time and
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What to wear for business headshots

Do you like your business headshot?  Is it recent?Does it truly capture the essence of you, your role or your business?The internet is a great place to do background research on potential clients, job candidates or service providers. Chances are even before you wade through the text of the bio and achievements, you'll look closely at the profile photo.  A professional and flattering business headshot encourages us to read further; a dated or amateurish pic raises questions about the person's
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How to fit jeans without trying them on

In the market for new jeans, but dread trying on fifty pairs to find a pair that fits right?   Here’s a very cool tip to fit jeans without trying them on.  This trick will  save you time and keep you sane when shopping for jeans.  When you find a pair and want to know if it’s worthwhile trying it on properly in the dressing room, do this quick test.
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