Our Happy Clients


Here is what some of our recent clients have to say :

I feel beautiful, stylish and energized.

“Sharon’s full of new ideas that will quickly revamp your wardrobe. Sharon’s programme isn’t just about specific outfits or the latest trends, it’s a set of enduring styling principles that will enable me to manage my wardrobe for many years to come. Thank you Sharon, I adore my new looks and your sessions have given me a new self confidence.” – Irene, Lindfield, NSW

 You have a real gift for putting people at ease and making them feel positive about themselves
“And what a gift it is for your clients to be able to carry that sense of confidence with them long after the session is over!” – Jennifer, Sydney NSW

 It was a cleansing experience.   I walked away with a better understanding of my own shape and some great fashion advice.

“I was impressed by Sharon’s ability to understand and help me clarify my various ‘types’ of outfits that I need. From here we looked at my wardrobe and how to wear pieces together.  I was prepared to let go of a lot more than I did – thanks to Sharon’s eye for matching!” – Julia, Willoughby, NSW

The whole experience was extremely positive and fun!

“Sharon has given me the tools to dress for my body shape and skin tone. We not only had a successful cull but I learned how to combine pieces that I already had into new looks.  After our session, Sharon sent me  styling hints on how to shop on an overseas trip.  That was so useful!” – Marcela, Stanmore, NSW

The two hours with Sharon flew by.

“Along the way, she gave me tips about what to look out for when I am buying clothes, so I have a much better idea of what clothes actually suit me. Beforehand I was a bit concerned we would go to ‘fashion brand’ shops, but we went into ‘high street’ stores and picked up great value clothes that I am really pleased with and can wear every day. I’m looking forward to the next time I go clothes shopping, which is a bit of a revelation.  I can definitely recommend Sharon; she knows her stuff and makes shopping lot of fun.” – Peter, Wellington, N.Z.

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Wish I had done this sooner!

“On my shopping trip with Sharon, I discovered what was missing in my wardrobe and have a much clearer idea of what I need to purchase and not purchase in future. From just one consultation I’m already pulling outfits together that look stylish and feel this is a long term change.  Amazing what can come out of a phone call and one shopping trip. Thanks very much Sharon for your advice and look forward to working with you again.” – Gemma, Sydney, NSW

The before and after transformations (in the presentation) were amazing!

“Sharon conducted a one hour session for a group of male and female employees.   She covered  (1) Fit, colour and proportion; (2) Shopping smarts and (3) Refining personal style at work and on the weekends. Everyone who attended were impressed with Sharon’s pragmatic advice.” – Fay, North Sydney, NSW

Your presentation the other day was excellent.

“I learnt so much about personal presentation and clothing tips. Your examples were plentiful and it was immediately clear about the do’s and the dont’s! Thanks again for an enjoyable and informative session! Cheers!” – Christopher,  Sydney, NSW

Her advice was spot on, valuable and we had a lot of fun as well.

“Sharon lead a group styling session for 5 women. I particularly liked the way, she got everyone to focus on the positives rather than negatives with each individual’s self image. If you’re wanting someone to advise you on defining or enhancing your personal branding, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Sharon.” – Sophie, Baulkham Hills, NSW

Overall it was a really great experience that I really enjoyed and learnt from.

“Sharon came to my home and went through my wardrobe with me.  We threw away a few things…and she was able to use what I already had in my wardrobe to come up with new outfits I  would never have thought of.  Sharon helped me understand the colours that work for me and those that don’t. I found the home session really beneficial. I had a whole new wadrobe without adding a single item just by learning how to mix items together. We then had our shopping trip. Since that trip, I’ve been shopping by myself and tried new colours and styles that I would never had looked at previously.  Thanks Sharon.” – Gigi, Newtown, NSW

I found the wardrobe refresh very useful.

“After changing jobs and moving city I had a lot of clothing that just wasn’t right anymore. Sharon helped me get some new ideas about how to wear some of the existing pieces and we had a shopping list for the wardrobe gaps so I didn’t just buy more of the same. It was really helpful and I can use what I learned when I am getting dressed or going shopping.” – Christy, Sydney NSW

I truly had a great day and am thrilled with my new insight into style and fashion and building a new wardrobe!

“My styling package with you has been absolutely transformative. My confidence has skyrocketed in terms of selecting clothes, and mixing and matching them. I feel a strong sense of self assurance when I walk out the door in the morning. I am now really excited about going shopping as it’s become an opportunity for self expression rather than a confusing chore. Thank you again for all of your assistance. I had an awesome time and really enjoyed it. I’m also excited to hear you are writing a book and will definitely be keen to purchase and read that when it is finished! “- Alicia, Sydney, NSW

I highly recommend a wardrobe rejuvenation with Sharon.  I got much better ideas and results than I would have alone and it save me time and money overall. 

“There are mainly two things I got from it.  Firstly, many new ways to combine clothes I already had in my wardrobe into stylish, flattering and practical outfits (and get rid of things that don’t work well for me). Secondly, a small and specific shopping list (with advice on online and regular stores that stocked items right for me). ”  – Victoria, Surry Hills

A very worthwhile experience & great confidence builder.

“Sharon really listened and understood what I needed to feel comfortable with mix & matching clothes I already had and advice on pieces to add.  She also helped me to feel more confident with accessories, so I have a more stylish & versatile wardrobe with a few new pieces we discovered while shopping.”   – Beth, St Leonards

I would highly recommend your corporate session to any company.

“Thank you so much Sharon for sharing your styling advice with the Thermomix NSW south branch leadership group at Solar Springs, Bundanoon last weekend! Your session was inspiring, fun and interesting all at the same time!” – Diane, T Thermomix NSW

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