What is a personal colour analysis?

Have you ever wondered what a professional colour analysis is? Simmy Wong, Personal Colour Stylist and owner of Colour Soup, answers key questions about colour analysis and how we can harness the power of colour to look and feel our best.

What is colour analysis?

Colour Analysis is the process of observing the effect of different colours (usually in the form of coloured drapes) on your skin to determine your natural colour tone.  It’s a process to help us understand why certain colours look beautiful on some people, but unflattering on others.

So why do some colours look better on some people?

The scientific term for this is simultaneous contrast meaning that colours can change the way they look when they are placed next to other colours.

In the diagram below, the grey rings are the same shade of grey, but the ring on the orange square appears more greenish than the grey ring on the green square (which looks more reddish). Similarly, the orange rings are the same colour, but on the pink square it looks brighter than on the green square.

colour analysis, colour stylist, personal stylistColour analysis works because it explores the optical effects and illusions of different colours on your key features. In particular, the clothing colours you wear affect how your skin tone, hair and eye colours appear.

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