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Choosing best glasses frames

Glasses are not only functional;  they’re  often an overlooked accessory which when chosen well, frame your eyes and accentuate the structure and shape of your face. The last time I was at the optometrist, I tried on over 25 pairs of frames and was overwhelmed.  The optometrist tried her best to advise me but her expertise is eye health not aesthetics. I ended up using comfort (despite my low bridge), colour and price to decide. There’s a lot of confusing information out there to help
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3 Tips to Style A Scarf

Brrr.  Winter is definitely here.  It was only 9 degrees this morning as I style a scarf over my jacket to drive my son to his morning (way too early) music practice.  A scarf is my favourite accessory.  Not only does it keep you warm,  it adds instant pizzazz to any outfit and it camouflages whatever you’re wearing underneath (in this case my pyjamas). Bored of the usual way you normally style a scarf?  Here are three ideas to help
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Let’s go shopping in your wardrobe.

What’s your first reaction when you think you’ve got nothing to wear? Go shopping at lunchtime, fingers crossed that you’ll see the one thing that will solve all your sartorial problems? Only to feel buyers’ remorse by the time you’re back at your desk? Have you ever considered a more relaxed and potentially awesomely satisfying experience of shopping in your wardrobe? I love showing ladies how to go through their wardrobes to recognise and use the clothes and accessories they
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