Personal Sort and Shop

Are you tired of wasting money buying clothes you never wear?   Do you hate shopping because you can never find clothes that suit you? Are you tentative about trying anything new yet looking to get out of a style rut?

As your personal shopper, my aim is to help you become confident in all your shopping decisions so you become an independent and savvy shopper.

This wardrobe and personal shopping experience is guaranteed to change your attitude about shopping forever.  Not only will you learn to flatter your body in the best shapes and cuts, you’ll also learn how to judge fit and integrate new items with your existing ones.

Like all Coach Me Beautiful experiences, I start with you.

Step 1 Style assessment

I believe that the only way to build a versatile and loved wardrobe is to start by understanding your personal style, your lifestyle and your needs.  I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so I get some insight into your personality and style.

Step 2 Body analysis and wardrobe edit

I’ll come to your home and we’ll have another chat about you, your lifestyle and your budget. This will give us a clearer sense of the image you want to project in your outfits.    I’ll analyse your shape, proportion and colours so you know how to accentuate your assets then we’ll get to work editing your wardrobe. I’ll help you decide what to keep, pass on, remodel or repair.

Step 3 Mix and match lesson

This is my favourite part.  I’ll show you how to create outfits from what you already own.   Plus you’ll get photos to remind you of your best outfits so you’ll always have something to wear.  Time permitting, we’ll organise the storage and care of your clothes and accessories.

By this time we’ll have a clear idea of what you need to fill in your wardrobe gaps.  We’ll create a list and get ready to go shopping.

Step 4 Personal shopping (3 hours)

I’ll then weave my personal shopper magic by short listing the best shops for you. I’ll check out stock availability so you don’t waste your time and get your hopes up.  Everything will be laid out for you on your personal shopping day.  All you need to enjoy the best three hours of your life is to be open to trying on things.

I’ll show you how to assess fit and teach you how to mix what you buy with what you’ve already got.  I’ll never pressure you to buy.  If you don’t love an item or if it’s not any better than what you already have, it doesn’t get to come home with you. And if we don’t get to finish our shopping list, I’ll send you shortlisted items that you can choose to buy online or on another day.

Step 5 Follow up phone consultation

You will finish your shopping session on a high.  To make sure you’re happy with everything you’ve bought, I call you after several weeks to see how you’re enjoying your new look.  Or you can call me any time in between if you’ve got a question.

Your Personal Sort and Shop experience includes

  • 2 X 30 minute phone consultations
  • 1 X 3 hour session in your home to edit and streamline your wardrobe
  • Body shape analysis and a lesson on how to flatter your shape
  • Quick colour assessment
  • Edit and organisation of your closet
  • Accessorising lesson
  • Your look book with photographs of new outfits
  • Wardrobe checklist and style summary notes
  • 1 X 3 hours personal shopping at hand picked retailers
  • Unbiased and supportive advice
  • 3 months email support
  • 3 months online concierge shopping service
  • Subscription to monthly magazine and invitation to members-only events
  • Over 8 hours of one-on-one coaching

Call us if can’t wait to spice up your style and become a savvy shopper.