Our Packages

Our clothes talk even when we don’t.  They speak volumes about who we are and who we aspire to be.  Are you positive your clothes project the image you want, particularly when you’re trying to impress, persuade or communicate? Are you 100 per cent confident in how you look? Or do you suspect you have the potential to do better?

I work with busy, professional women who have careers in which personal image is critical to their credibility, advancement and success.  At first these women come to me wanting personal styling advice to make them look more polished and feel more capable at work.   They end up with much more because clothes have a huge impact of how they feel about themselves in all areas of their lives.  You’ll know exactly what mean if you’ve ever put on a favourite top to lift your mood or boost your energy.

Change your outfit, change your life

Clothes are an external display of our personality, individuality and creativity. When we wear clothes that reflect our passions and personal style, our whole life changes for the better.  For these reasons, Coach Me Beautiful programs are personal change programs that give you the tools to analyse and define your innate personal style.  I teach you personal styling secrets to help you translate your style into practical and flattering outfits that meet your lifestyle needs.  Whichever Coach Me Beautiful experience you choose, you will learn how to consistently dress better and feel confident in your clothing decisions.

I know first hand that your style journey does not happen overnight.  It takes time for you to get used to your new look and for others to get used to seeing you differently. For this reason I have mapped out steps to help you stay on track, with support and advice over several months.  My philosophy is to empower you with life long personal styling skills so you become your own personal stylist.

Choose the personal styling package right for you

Want to learn how to wear what you’ve got?

I appreciate that each woman comes with her own style legacy. You may have been lucky to have had a chic or elegant role model in life, in which case you’re well on track and all you’re looking for is a quick style update or wardrobe edit.  The Wardrobe Rejuvenation experience helps you save money by showing you how to wear more of your existing clothes in new ways.

Want to shop with confidence and enjoyment?

The Personal Sort and Shop experience is perfect for you if you’re about to change your lifestyle.   Perhaps you’ve recently returned to work and are a bit out of touch with what to wear in the workplace.  Maybe you’ve left the corporate life behind and are creating your own business, in which case your clothes will be representing you and your business.  This package is perfect for women who want to shop with more confidence and savvy.

Want to feel comfortable in your skin? 

If, however, you’re looking for more, consider the Authentic Style Package. This is for women who want to start the rest of their lives feeling beautiful, self-assured and radiant in their clothes. The Total Style Package is a whole life transformation because looking good translates to achieving more out of all areas of your life.

Please contact me if you’d like some help deciding on the right package for you.

Our trademarked personal styling approach

  1. Discover your inherent style
    The key to feeling comfortable in your skin is to know yourself.  Together we go beyond the superficial – your body shape and colouring – to examine what inspires you and your sense of beauty.  I then help you translate and express your personality through the best types of clothes for you.
  2. Leverage your wardrobe
    Once you have your personal style statement, the rest is easy.  We’ll learn to assess your clothes in terms of quality and design and I will give you a three-step process to reduce the emotions of editing your wardrobe. Only pieces that fulfill your personal style statement get to stay.

    Then I’ll also show you how to flatter your shape by understanding colours, proportion and balance.

  3. Add to your wardrobe
    Now that your wardrobe is distilled to what works, you may need to go shopping to fill some gaps.  I will put the fun back into shopping by showing how to prepare, then offer you tips on what to look for, where to buy and how to purchase without buyer’s remorse.
  4. Individualise your look
    Here’s where the fun really starts.  I will teach you how to mix and layer, so you get as many outfits as you need for all the occasions in your life, then demystify accessories and show you how easy it is to use them to create your signature look.
  5. Review and prep for next season
    Personal style is an evolution and it may take time to adjust to seeing yourself dressed differently, but get ready for the compliments because others will notice in a positive way. I’ll show you how to objectively look at your progress, continue to refine your look and experiment with new season trends.