Group Styling Party

How do you feel each morning when you decide what to wear for the day?  Excited? Happy?  Raring to go? Or more like the majority of women in the world – frustrated, confused, indifferent?

Do you secretly think you could dress better but don’t know who to trust? Do you wish you had a better sense of style?

I know how you feel because I’ve been there myself.  There is nothing worse than trying to improve your style through trial and error.  You consult magazines or well meaning shop assistants and end up buying things that look great on everyone else, but not you.

A personal stylist can help

The good news is that personal style is a skill that can be learned, just like driving a car or riding a bike.  I believe that when women love how they look in the mirror, they’re happy, powerful and inspirational.  That’s why I love helping busy women look radiant and pulled together every morning.

How group styling works

A wonderful way to enjoy time with girlfriends and to test out the services of a personal stylist is to host a group styling party.  Simply invite 8-10 girlfriends over, ask them to bring some garments they’re having trouble with (don’t know how to wear, never wear, considering throwing out) and Coach Me Beautiful will do the rest.

I can adapt the workshop to your group’s needs, but I promise it will be an interactive, fun and educational few hours where each of your party will leave feeling confident in dressing to flatter their body shapes.  As a guideline, I’ll cover practical tips around colour and proportion. I teach you how to determine fit so you’ll never buy anything that’s the wrong shape for you ever again. Then I give each person some star time and advice on the garments they brought. I’ll open up the magic accessory box and create new looks using accessories. I’ll also give advice on how to shop, organise and store your clothes.

Your group will take away handy notes and feedback on their current style.  You could even add on elements of a swap party to pass on or exchange good quality items that no longer suit you.  If you prefer, I can take away any unwanted items to a wonderful cause that I support – Dress for Success.

Advice from a  personal stylist in the comfort of your own home in a session like this is normally valued at $360. But for a limited time to celebrate the launch of my new book Authentic Style, I’ve decided to offer a special promotion.  But to take me up on this offer you’ll have to act quickly because I only take one of these bookings a month.   The typical length of group styling party is 2.5 hours.

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to see  how a personal stylist could make a difference to you or your friends’ lives. Book your party here.  You’ll be amazed how much fun this grown-up version of a pyjama party is.

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