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Who is your typical client?

I work best with busy professional women who want to feel confident and capable while looking attractive and feminine. Many of our clients are aged between 35-60.

 Do you work with men?

Coach Me Beautiful specialises in working with women.That’s what makes us good at what we do.  If you’d like, we can refer you to personal stylists and shoppers who work with men.

What makes you different from other personal stylists?

Coach Me Beautiful personal styling packages are educational and skill building experiences.  Our primary focus is our clients – the women – not their clothes.  We help women get clear on who they are and how they want to show up in life.  Then we show them how to achieve that using clothes.

I consider myself as  a personal style coach. My background as a corporate coach means I help you progress and grow confident by giving you feedback and support before, during and after our sessions together.  I believe in empowering you with personal styling skills so you have fun and feel confident projecting the inner you externally.

Do you dress your clients the way you dress?

No, even if they asked me to because every woman is different.   Coach Me Beautiful’s approach is to help each woman discover and define her own style.  I  believe that clothes are wonderful tools to allow each woman to express her individuality –  her personality, passion and energy.  That’s why I invest time in understanding what drives each of my clients.

I’m trying to lose some weight.  Should I wait before I use a personal stylist?

Why put off feeling confident and looking great till later? By postponing working with a personal stylist, you’re putting more pressure on yourself to lose that extra weight. Consider taking on both processes together.  An external change (clothes) complements and reinforces a physical one (shape).  I suggest rewarding yourself throughout the process not just at the end.

Where are you based? 

Coach Me Beautiful is Sydney based and I’m happy to serve Sydney and its suburbs up to a 25 km radius from the city centre.  If you are located further afield, give me a call and I can recommend someone closer or discuss additional travel costs.

Do you provide colour analysis? 

Yes I do provide guidance on your best colours.   My clients prefer simple practical guidelines of what colours to wear and avoid rather than going into detailed colour theory.  I give you general guidelines and work with your current wardrobe to give you examples of colour combinations.  I do not provide colour swatches.  If you’d like a more in depth analysis of colour I can recommend qualified colour consultants.

Do you offer personal shopping services?

I offer personal shopping as part of the Personal Shop and Sort package and the Total Style package. I believe that shopping is much more time and cost effective after a wardrobe edit and a whole range of body, style and personality analyses.  I am more than happy to go personal shopping with returning Coach Me Beautiful clients.  Please contact me for hourly rates.

If you are looking for a personal shopper to help you buy specific items e.g. wedding, the races or black-tie event, I can recommend other Sydney based personal shopping services.

Do you offer advice on make-up and hair styling? 

Yes I offer practical advice on makeup and discuss your hair styling options.  I can recommend specialist makeup and hair stylists to help you transform you look.  Costs for hair or makeup appointments are additional except on the Total Style package.

Do you take commissions from the shops? 

No.  Coach Me Beautiful does not take commissions from any of the shops clients buy items from (that goes the same for our online sourcing).

Where do you go for your personal shopping excursions? 

I suggest the major shopping malls because they have a variety of retailers under one roof.  Depending on where you live and the brands suitable for your style, Coach Me Beautiful can accompany you to Hornsby Westfield, St Ives Shopping Centre, Chatswood Chase and Westfield, Macquarie Centre, Top Ryde, the City and Bondi Junction.

Can I get a discount if I upgrade from one package to another?

Coach Me Beautiful rewards clients who show that level of commitment.  Because all the packages are based on the five step FLAIR philosophy, just give me a call and we’ll discuss your options for upgrading to another package.

How long does the Total Style Package take?

You’re in full control of the speed of your transformation.  It’s common for our clients to take 6-8 weeks to complete the program, averaging one face-to-face session each fortnight.  Depending on your schedule, you can choose to work through some of the steps more intensively.  The last step – season review – is always done when the new fashion season starts.

What if I have to reschedule a session? 

Coach Me Beautiful will be flexible and offer to reschedule your session once with 24 hours prior notice.

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