Uniqlo for the whole family

Sydney Wardrobe Consultant

Uniqlo classics you can mix and match

Shop for the whole family at Uniqlo

If the only way you get to do any shopping is with partner and/or children in tow, there is one shop that will satisfy everyone’s clothing needs -Uniqlo.  Although you may not be in the market for winter basics right now, you’ll want to remember the name Uniqlo. On a recent US trip, we happily kitted out the whole family’s winter wardrobe for less than USD $600.The good news is that Uniqlo’s first Australian shop opened in Melbourne CBD this week. [Read more…]

Does this go with that?

It’s wonderful to apply high-school knowledge to real life.  I’m glad I stayed awake in my art class when my teacher droned on about colour theory.  (To this day, I still need to think through my tints and shades though.)

Colour theory can be complex to understand.  But here’s my take.  I use electricity even though I don’t understand it. You too can use colour theory to create knock-out clothing combinations to reflect your mood and to inject some zest into your wardrobe.

On your right is a colour wheel – your menu for understanding how colours work together.

I’m not going to cover how some colours may look better on you because of your skin, eye and hair colour.  You can read more on colour analysis here.

Let’s just focus on how you can reach in to your wardrobe, pull out some items to create memorable outfits.

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