Choosing best glasses frames

Best glasses frames

3 tips to help you shortlist the best frames for you.

Glasses are not only functional;  they’re  often an overlooked accessory which when chosen well, frame your eyes and accentuate the structure and shape of your face.

The last time I was at the optometrist, I tried on over 25 pairs of frames and was overwhelmed.  The optometrist tried her best to advise me but her expertise is eye health not aesthetics. I ended up using comfort (despite my low bridge), colour and price to decide.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there to help you choose the best frames.  Here are my 3 tips: [Read more…]

What to wear for business headshots

Do you like your business headshot?

Is it recent?

Does it truly capture the essence of you and your business?

The internet is a great place to do background research on potential clients, job candidates or service providers. Chances are even before you wade through the text of the bio and achievements, you’ll look closely at the profile photo.  A professional and flattering business headshot encourages us to read further; a dated or amateurish pic raises questions about the person’s professionalism.  Yes, it’s superficial and unfair and we do it all the time (whether we admit it or not).

Business headshots are an important investment. They need to be consistent with your brand so take time to consider what you want to project in your photo.  Here are five tips I wrote for a Leaders In Heels article to help you dress and pose for  natural shots you’d be proud to post anywhere on the internet.

Happy reading.


Authentic Style – My first book is launched

Style, bubbles and baubles

What better way to welcome  into the world a book about styling than to throw a party at a jewellery shop?

That’s what happened one gorgeous sunny Sunday in July. My first book, Authentic Style: A practical guide to loving how you look every day was welcomed with such love and anticipation from past clients, friends and new acquaintances. Here’s how it was reported by the Sydney Standard.

It’s not too late for you to get your own copy of Authentic Style.  Buy your copy here and start your Authentic Style journey right away.

Thank you to the beautiful readers who’ve sent in positive comments:

Authentic Style. A must read for all ladies – really explains how to be authentic to yourself with your style. Great whether you are into fashion or not.  – Amanda F, NSW

I’m reading your book and really enjoying your perspective. It’s a lot deeper than many styling books. Had you in the change room withe me today when I tried on a pair of white jeans.  I could hear your words in my ear..avoid white pants when you can see the inside of pockets through the fabric. – Sophie R, NSW

I’m grateful to all the people who came to the launch as well as those who helped me put on an afternoon of  styling fun and jewellery browsing.  Special mention goes to Forooz Normyole at Les Nereides for helping me host the afternoon, Both Sides of the Story for donating dinner vouchers at Catalinas and Danielle Chiel for donating a gift certificate for one of her soft hand-knitted jumpers.

Host your own clothing swap party

host your clothing swap party

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A clothing swap party is a wonderful way to enjoy time with girlfriends and to experiment with new fashion styles without spending a cent. Hosting your own clothing swap party is easy.   Here are five ideas to ensure yours runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

1.  Timing

Consider hosting a clothing swap party at the end of a season.  A change in the temperature will encourage your friends to sift through their wardrobes and identify what they’d like to pass on. [Read more…]

Clothing Swap: interesting observations on human behaviour

Clothing swap is a great way to pass on your unwanted clothes.

I went to my first publically organised clothing swap  last Saturday in Surry Hills. Over 50 women (and a handful of men and children) had travelled through the cold and wet to wait patiently outside the library. We’d been told to come early to check in our donated clothes in exchange for buttons.  Each button entitled the bearer to take away a preloved item. It sounded like a fun way of passing on clothes I no longer wanted.  There was also a delicious possibility I’d find something different to try out.

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Wear a chunky knit with style not chunk

As it gets colder, it’s lovely to wrap yourself up in soft, cuddly chunky knits. They’re all the rage at the moment  and you can find them in a variety of shapes and lengths.  You don’t have to sacrifice your shape when you wear a chunky knit.  There are ways to enjoy the softness of a knit AND look stylish in the silhoutte you cut.  This video shows you how.

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7 Fashion Tips from a Sydney Fashion Stylist

As a Sydney fashion stylist who works with busy, professional women, I’m often asked for simple, quick ways to lift an outfit or to make my clients feel more attractive. Here are my top seven ideas.

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1.  Strategically position your focal point

Every memorable outfit has a focal point that attracts the eye and holds interest.  A focal point can be a design element, a bright colour or interesting texture. Choose whichever element you prefer and place it on an area that you’re happy to accentuate. Be careful of having competing focal points e.g. too many colours or big earrings and a big necklace because it may jar and overpower you.

2.  Showcase your assets

Honour your body and work with the shape you currently have.  I know every woman has at least one part of their body that they love and don’t mind showing off. It may be your décolleté, arms or legs.  Show those areas off by drawing attention to them.  For every part you camouflage, you need to reveal or accentuate another part. This gives your body and your outfit definition.

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5 Ways to Get Out The Door Faster Each Morning

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If you feel rushed off your feet each morning getting yourself (and others) ready for the day, here are five tips to streamline your morning routine so you get out the door faster.

I did an experiment this week and was startled by the results: being disorganised adds 23 minutes to my morning routine -time I’d rather spend in bed. I timed myself with a stopwatch over four days to see how long my morning routine was and to identify time wasting activities.  My goal was to create a routine that was efficient and calming (after all I’m getting psyched up for the day).

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Three tips to make your clothes more versatile

Well done.  You’ve cleaned out your wardrobe and freed yourself of unwanted clothes.  Feels good, doesn’t it? But before you rehang your clothes and think about shopping for new things, take a few moments to survey what’s left.  You really can achieve more with less.  Here are three tips to wear your favourites differently.

People generally associate wardrobe edits with springtime.  I believe autumn is just as suitable a time to get your wardrobe organised. Take advantage of sunny days to air out your winter coats, jumpers and boots.  Check everything smells fresh, is clean and ready for any sudden drop in temperatures.  Here are my suggestions to help you edit your wardrobe hassle-free.

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What’s your personal fashion style?

I was recently admiring the Archibald Prize entries at the Art Gallery of New South Wales when I overhead two art enthusiasts talk about the portraits. I heard “tautology of choice….dichotomy of subject matter”, but didn’t have a clue what they meant.   I don’t know much about what I like in art, but I recognise what I like when I see it.  I suppose this is similar to how some of my clients feel when I ask them to describe their fashion style.

Every woman has inborn style and an eye for what she likes though she may not have the words to describe her preferences.  Once she develops a small vocabulary about clothes, not only will she be able to describe what she likes, she’ll be able to judge if something suits her or not.

Here are five criteria commonly used to describe clothes. They come in really handy when you’re editing your wardrobe or going shopping.  Once you know how these five words apply to you, you’ll only buy things you love that suit your personality and style.

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