Choosing best glasses frames

Best glasses frames

3 tips to help you shortlist the best frames for you.

Glasses are not only functional;  they’re  often an overlooked accessory which when chosen well, frame your eyes and accentuate the structure and shape of your face.

The last time I was at the optometrist, I tried on over 25 pairs of frames and was overwhelmed.  The optometrist tried her best to advise me but her expertise is eye health not aesthetics. I ended up using comfort (despite my low bridge), colour and price to decide.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there to help you choose the best frames.  Here are my 3 tips: [Read more…]

Styling Strategies 101 – how to dress it up and down

Ever been advised to buy clothes only if you can wear them at least 3 ways?  You nod sagely and then think, “How do I do that? How do I dress it up and down so I can wear it for formal or casual situations?”

It’s pretty simple once you under the basics which I call my 6Ss (acronyms….you can tell corporate training is in my blood).

Of course,  if you want to reserve play things for play time and work clothes for  a day in the office, that’s your preogative, BUT if you need your wardrobe to work as hard as you do, read this article that originally appeared in the online retailer, The Glossary Shop.

Have fun mixing it up and if you have any questions, just pop them into the box below and we’ll figure it out together.

PS. Did you realise that learning to mix, match, layer and accessorise is the most common reason ladies book me for a home consultation?  I offer it as part of Wardrobe Rejuvenation and Personal Sort and Shop experiences.  If you’re interested in learning how to SAVE money and use what you already own in new and creative ways, just drop me an email and we can talk more.


It’s easy to wear fashion accessories. Three tips to get started.

” I want to wear fashion accessories, but I don’t know how.”

I had the pleasure of working with Sally last week.  Sally completed an 8-week fitness challenge with Body Beyond Baby and to celebrate her fit and toned body, she wanted advice on looking more stylish on casual occasions with her existing clothes. Like many first-time moms, Sally wants to wear flattering and current clothes, without overhauling her wardrobe because she plans to have a second baby in the near future.

Fashion accessories is the answer and they are the elixir to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Not only are they an affordable way to update and  stretch a wardrobe, they are an outlet for your individuality.

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Wear colored tights confidently

Levante 50 denier $14.95; Ambra 200 denier $$12.95; Hue 70 denier$14.99

Have you ever wondered how some women can wear colored tights and make them look chic, effortless and cool?

I’m a real novice when it comes to wearing colored tights, but I just couldn’t resist the David Jones’ colored tights display.   Maybe it was the bleakness of the day or the cool temperatures, but the cobalt, neon yellow, hot pink, purple and green tights called out to me. I didn’t have the guts to buy the brights, but settled on three pairs that were still out of my comfort zone  (chocolate suede, ruby and brown ribbed).

How to choose colored tights?

If you’re looking for opaque tights, it’ll help to understand what “denier” means.   “Denier “ is a measure of the thickness of the weave of the material used in making stockings or tights – the higher the number, the thicker and warmer the tights.  Opaque tights are usually 50 denier plus while sheer tights range from 5 denier to 30 denier. [Read more…]

3 Tips to Style A Scarf

Brrr.  Winter is definitely here.  It was only 9 degrees this morning as I style a scarf over my jacket to drive my son to his morning (way too early) music practice.  A scarf is my favourite accessory.  Not only does it keep you warm,  it adds instant pizzazz to any outfit and it camouflages whatever you’re wearing underneath (in this case my pyjamas).

Bored of the usual way you normally style a scarf?  Here are three ideas to help you get more creative as you style a scarf over your outfits.

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