Authentic Style: The new book by Sharon Billingham

Authentic Style: A practical guide to loving how you look every day

The metrics behind the book.

Why I wrote a book

Eight months ago, I made a rational decision to write a book.  Logically, I knew it was a smart and strategic way to kick-start my personal styling business.  Being an “author” with a book that weighs 223g adds a degree of credibility and cache to my line of work.  Although the book started as an analytical task (excruciatingly planned, scheduled and mind mapped), I did not realise the extent I had grown emotionally until I held a printed copy of my book from my publisher.(Even those three words – from my publisher – have such a magical ring.)

My methodical approach to writing

Practical and emotional benefits

I highly recommend anyone who has a business to write a book.  Not only does writing help you appreciate how much you know about a certain topic, it also helps you clarify why you’re doing what you’re doing and what makes you different from your competitors.  It’s this “why” that has helped me overcome doubt, fear and frustration when all I’ve wanted to do is give up and go back to the security of a  “normal” job.

Motivating words from Holly Lisle that keep me going.

Another positive side effect of writing a book is that your business pitch becomes polished. I remember going to a networking event just after completing my first draft and regurgitating a few gems.  My listeners couldn’t get enough of my ideas and I felt embarrassed monopolising the conversation. Having written a book, I can talk about my philosophy, my perspective and my approach without getting hung up on the words.  I just focus on speaking with conviction, which is after all, what attracts your prospects to you.



Writing is an emotional roller coaster

Writing is an emotional roller coaster

Don’t get me wrong. Writing a book is not easy.  It requires loads of discipline.  Even when I couldn’t face the prospect of writing my daily 1000 words, I forced myself to sit at my desk for an hour. After about 3 minutes, it was easier to type something than to do nothing.

And then there were other days when the words simply flowed.  I learned a lot about myself in the way I reacted to these stops and starts.  I realised I am not a machine, that I need rest and sometimes the best way to get inspired is to go spend time with people you love.  Rest is crucial to productivity.

From the first time I started filling in my daily word tally to the final “OK” I gave my publisher, I never doubted that I’d finish my book. I often had doubts whether it would be any good, but I figure that’s what the $2 bin is for.

The results: Authentic Style: A practical guide to loving how you look every day

An indescribable feeling

There is magical connection between how we women dress and how we feel.  When we dress a way that makes us feel attractive and feminine, watch out.  That’s when we feel the power, confidence and inspiration to achieve incredible things.  I know this to be true for myself and for my clients. I wrote Authentic Style because I want to help all women live big every single day by loving and accepting how they look.

They say everyone has a book in them.  That each of us lives a life filled with unique experiences that someone else would appreciate.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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