Choosing best glasses frames

Best glasses frames

3 tips to help you shortlist the best frames for you.

Glasses are not only functional;  they’re  often an overlooked accessory which when chosen well, frame your eyes and accentuate the structure and shape of your face.

The last time I was at the optometrist, I tried on over 25 pairs of frames and was overwhelmed.  The optometrist tried her best to advise me but her expertise is eye health not aesthetics. I ended up using comfort (despite my low bridge), colour and price to decide.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there to help you choose the best frames.  Here are my 3 tips: [Read more…]

Shopping sales: How to shop savvy

shopping sales tips to save moneyDoes your pulse race with excitement and anticipation when you see SALE signs plastered to the window of your favourite shop?  You can nab hidden gems during the sales if you take a moment to think through some key questions before you hand over your credit card.

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Looking Expensive On A Budget

Sydney personal stylist, Sharon Billingham

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Probably the worst judgment one woman can ever pass on another is, “She looks cheap.”

What does that mean?  The dictionary defines cheap as costing little or being inexpensive, but we know that’s not what we’re referring to.  Quite often a woman who might be described as “cheap” has spent thousands of dollars decking herself out in luxury labels and ostentatious logos.  She’s a walking billboard for all the brands she’s wearing. [Read more…]

Uniqlo for the whole family

Sydney Wardrobe Consultant

Uniqlo classics you can mix and match

Shop for the whole family at Uniqlo

If the only way you get to do any shopping is with partner and/or children in tow, there is one shop that will satisfy everyone’s clothing needs -Uniqlo.  Although you may not be in the market for winter basics right now, you’ll want to remember the name Uniqlo. On a recent US trip, we happily kitted out the whole family’s winter wardrobe for less than USD $600.The good news is that Uniqlo’s first Australian shop opened in Melbourne CBD this week. [Read more…]

Winter Wardrobe Update 2014

It’s difficult to think about autumn/winter fashion when you’re in a bikini and enjoying a beach BBQ. But fashion moves on and as shops put away their sales signs, you’ll begin to see new shapes and colours being introduced. So here’s my quick winter wardrobe update 2014.

Here are my five picks of what I think we’ll see a lot of in the next few months.  The good news is that many of these “new trends” are a continuation of what was popular last winter, which means you get to wear them again or upgrade last winter’s favourite pieces this time around.  Many of you know how picky (and frugal) a shopper I am so you know I am not suggesting you go out and buy five new pieces (unless you want to).   Rather  I recommend you dust off your existing pieces and look at them in a new way.   Pay attention to how they are combined in shop windows or  magazines and then use what you have.

Australia Winter 2014 Menswear Vibe

The Downton Abbey Influence? Classic checks and tartans are in.

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Worst clothes 2013: My least favourite buys of the year

What was I thinking?

Shoppers’ remorse.  Just because I am a personal stylist doesn’t mean I don’t experience it sometimes.  I may have a lot of practice shopping for others (and myself), but I don’t get it right 100% of the time.  I figure shopping is a metaphor for life.  If you don’t make any mistakes, you probably aren’t pushing yourself enough to try something new.  And life is all about evolving, improving and growing.

Here are five things that I wished I hadn’t bothered to bring home.  They are not seriously bad (OK. Maybe the shoes are a bust), but they don’t justify the space they occupy in my wardrobe.  That said, each item represents a lesson in decision making.

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Best clothes 2013: My favourite buys of the year

As 2013 draws to a close, I like to take stock of everything that has happened wardrobe-wise.  I find it educational to examine my year’s purchases to understand what were good buys and what were silly spends. This bit of sartorial reflection makes me appreciate my favourite pieces more.  It also teaches me what not to spend my money on so I can mentally resist the urge to splurge.

So here are my five most beloved wardrobe additions of the year.  They make it on to the list because they get worn at least once a week, are comfortable and make me feel invincible when I walk out the door.

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My top ten packing tips

Many of us know we only wear a fraction of our wardrobe – 20% is the frequently quoted figure – but did you realise this applies to our travel wardrobe as well?  If you’ve ever lugged heavy suitcases around the world on holiday only to bring them back with most clothes untouched, you’ll know what I mean.  The majority of us overpack for our holidays.

I read that the average woman needs 57 items for a two-week holiday and 79% of women pack closer to 150 items.*  Over enthusiastic packing at its worse can result in hefty excess baggage fines.  And that’s no way to remember a holiday.

So here are my top ten packing tips to help you select just the right clothes to help you create versatile holiday outfits.  Follow these tips and you’ll be guaranteed that any one item you pull from your suitcase with go with everything else AND you know you’ll look great and feel comfortable in it.

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Learn from your shopping mistakes

North Shore Times 17/10/2013

Spring’s here and it’s the perfect time to clear out and organise your wardrobe. But before you give away the clothes you don’t wear, take a moment to think about why you don’t wear them.  You can learn so much from your shopping mistakes.  Every item you pass on gives you a valuable lesson.  All you need is to tune in.

What if you could figure out why you love wearing some items and not others?  Knowing this would help you wear more of what you own and save you money buying stuff you’ll never wear.

Here are some questions to help you pinpoint why you don’t (or won’t) wear a particular piece:

Learn from your shopping mistakes

Does it fit properly?
Do the colour and design flatter you?
Do you like the texture and fabric?
Have you got the right underwear for it?
Have you got something to wear with it?
Do you have the occasion to wear it?

Ask yourself these questions for every piece your chuck out and you’ll start to see a trend emerge.

Here’s a recent article in North Shore Times that describes how I help my clients learn from their shopping mistakes.




Styling Strategies 101 – how to dress it up and down

Ever been advised to buy clothes only if you can wear them at least 3 ways?  You nod sagely and then think, “How do I do that? How do I dress it up and down so I can wear it for formal or casual situations?”

It’s pretty simple once you under the basics which I call my 6Ss (acronyms….you can tell corporate training is in my blood).

Of course,  if you want to reserve play things for play time and work clothes for  a day in the office, that’s your preogative, BUT if you need your wardrobe to work as hard as you do, read this article that originally appeared in the online retailer, The Glossary Shop.

Have fun mixing it up and if you have any questions, just pop them into the box below and we’ll figure it out together.

PS. Did you realise that learning to mix, match, layer and accessorise is the most common reason ladies book me for a home consultation?  I offer it as part of Wardrobe Rejuvenation and Personal Sort and Shop experiences.  If you’re interested in learning how to SAVE money and use what you already own in new and creative ways, just drop me an email and we can talk more.